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Hot Rods in Music Videos

The first days of music videos offered a radical change in the scenery in the popular imagination. The power of the image became rather obvious and relative unknowns in the music industry began to reach superstar status, based on how the film captured their movements. Not anyone could become an icon, but those who had […]

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Practically every day there are new viral videos making people smile, laugh, gasp, groan, and squeal. Whether it’s a baby tearing paper, a cat that barks or some stupid stunt gone wrong, there is always something silly or shocking to catch the fleeting attention of thousands, or even millions of viewers. And, really, who couldn’t […]

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Godard Cars

There’s something about image that strikes deeper chords than description and memory can allow. It’s almost as if image has the capacity to unite both, the narrative of memory and the experience of remembering. It can happen when looking at old family photographs, or old film footage, but those have very precise personal connections. It […]

      Numerous crime dramas are viewable on television. Finding a crime drama that is worth watching is becoming more difficult. One place for quality crime dramas are local, used bookstores. Many crime drama television series originated from famous novels. Agatha Christie’s Poirot is an example of a quality crime drama adapted to television and movies-on-demand. […]

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              Tired of unimaginative plots and stale movie lines? Instead of going to the movie theater this holiday season, consider renting a TV. series that enlivens the mind with both strong male and female characters. The TV. series, The House of Eliott, conducts fresh plots and conveys witty lines in this dramatic rendition of a […]

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Watching movies and videos is one of, if not the, most popular entertainment options enjoyed by people across the country. In addition, with the disturbing and in fact in light of the economic times, many people are finding new ways to entertain in their own homes. And along with this, many people are turning spare […]



National Treasures Revealed on Maps

A map of united states is a fairly common item. Most people encounter one on their classroom walls or in the pages of text book. Many news programs and newspapers will use maps to tell a story and lots of people use maps to plot cross country trips or vacations. But how many people actually […]



Extreme Couponing and Home Decor

So far the 21st century seems to be about extremes. There are extreme sports, extreme makeovers and, now, extreme couponing . Websites and books are devoted to giving shoppers tips on saving hundreds of dollars every time they head to the supermarket. Some extreme couponers end up with the store paying them money because their […]

A major rite of passage in modern society is moving out on your own . The first time you leave your parents or your dorm you are forced to make choices and accept responsibilities for your living environment. It’s a huge step and there are many different options available for a first home. More and […]



Summer Holiday Parties

With summer just around the corner many people are starting to plan their social calendar. There will be vacations and impromptu backyard barbecues, but there will also be annual parties and holiday gatherings that families and friends look forward to each year. Below are a few ideas for ways to celebrate the summer holidays. Memorial […]

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