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Hot Rods in Music Videos

The first days of music videos offered a radical change in the scenery in the popular imagination. The power of the image became rather obvious and relative unknowns in the music industry began to reach superstar status, based on how the film captured their movements. Not anyone could become an icon, but those who had a sense for how their look might translate to video could work wonders.

The power of the image is something that every art form revolving around image gets to learn. In this case, the music gave a force to the icon, and these icons usually took the form of young human beings with a lot of makeup and big hair. But it was a group that was interesting to look at, but utterly past help with any makeup and lighting effects, who learned that audiences might find the same fascination by looking at custom wheels from than at pop star faces. ZZ Top was never anyone’s first choice for the world’s best hair band, but they have spent time at a top of many lists for talent. Their videos from the 80s still rank among the most memorable, despite any movie star faces for the band members. However, it didn’t hurt that there were three supermodels also in the mix. Jeana Keogh, Kym Herrin, and Daniele Arnaud were an unusually compelling trinity, filling out the videos with a sense of gorgeous mystery.

There is still a good deal of mystery around the trinity, and although all of the actors have gone on to extend their careers in film and art, the early videos were the mark of a singular time. The time was marked by an unusual energy in the power of a newly-developing form, one where it was possible to make teenagers as interested in Michelin tires as they were in any new heartthrob. But there is equal mystery around the car itself. The stories of the Eliminator car are fascinating, and echo the same things that revolve around any hot rod. There’s a lot to this vehicle, being made up of composite parts that all have their own histories. The majority of the car, however, is a known element, having been bought from an elderly woman in Tucson, Arizona. Perhaps no one could have suspected it would eventually go on to become a symbol for youthful rebellion in the 80s, with the exception of band member Billy Gibbons, who seemed to have a good idea where this ride was going.

Brandon Welles is a popular entertainment blogger who ha a passion for music, film, and fast cars.  He is equally at home writing about American racers like Scott Tucker or reviewing the latest rock album.

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Practically every day there are new viral videos making people smile, laugh, gasp, groan, and squeal. Whether it’s a baby tearing paper, a cat that barks or some stupid stunt gone wrong, there is always something silly or shocking to catch the fleeting attention of thousands, or even millions of viewers. And, really, who couldn’t use a little pick me up video now and then?

Video sharing sites are for more than just fun. There are many uses for a video sharing account.

Old school home videos — many people set up an account to share videos of family events, special occasions, and vacations.

Professional or personal video blogging — instead of just ranting to friends or typing out long blog entries, many people have taken to YouTube to for vlogging. Check out Daniel Drimmer videos , celebrity accounts, and popular authors who share regular video entries with the world.

How to videos — pretty self-explanatory. These videos show you how to do everything from baking a pie to folding origami to completing home repairs.

Educational videos — some educators have put together videos teaching basic and even advanced lessons in various school subjects. There are even college lectures and continuing education videos available for life long learning.

Business videos — many companies and consultants are making use of video to share things like real estate presentations , product demonstrations, and online portfolios.

The next time you’re on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing site, take a few minutes to look at other categories and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

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Godard Cars

There’s something about image that strikes deeper chords than description and memory can allow. It’s almost as if image has the capacity to unite both, the narrative of memory and the experience of remembering. It can happen when looking at old family photographs, or old film footage, but those have very precise personal connections. It becomes much more engaging when it happens with objects, and the car in particular.

It’s something that film can do that no other medium can quite achieve. Seeing an old car that one’s mother drove in another time is a very pronounced kind of nostalgia. The memory of that car can’t be preserved in personal memory, and even trying to re-create that same car in the contemporary world doesn’t have the same effect. Finding the right interior, matching the wheels with cheap rims can bring it back to life, but it’s always somehow new again. Seeing it in motion, on video, in another era, makes a statement that somehow moves far beyond words.

That is the effect that has caught the imagination of some of the best filmmakers. Trying to re-create nostalgia is a rather difficult thing, and it needs a very light and sure touch. In terms of pure nostalgia, Godard was and is undoubtedly the best at it. In some of his earliest films, there is almost the sense that he invented how people think about nostalgia today, at least in terms of image. The cars in “Breathless are not simply vehicles for the characters, but they are also vehicles for memory.

In the same way that his characters are made up of quotations of what a human being might be, the cars in his films have an ironic presence. They are always perfect, as if already represented, almost looking as though they have an awareness of their own cool factor. It is this sense of immediate nostalgia that gives his films a peculiar distance. The viewer becomes aware of time passing, and everything is subject to memory and reflection. Instead of finding a way back into the past, one could buy cheap tires for sale and put them on their vehicle right after the film is over. There would still be a sense that this has already happened, and look entirely stylish in the process. The car becomes a composite of possibilities, in the same way that human identities are made up of enormous distances between past and present, and even a recording on film won’t preserve the essence, only approximate it.

Rumpole's Return. [Television production].

Thames Television. 1980.

      Numerous crime dramas are viewable on television. Finding a crime drama that is worth watching is becoming more difficult. One place for quality crime dramas are local, used bookstores. Many crime drama television series originated from famous novels. Agatha Christie’s Poirot is an example of a quality crime drama adapted to television and movies-on-demand. The little Belgian detective set the standard for crime drama. Another series that features a famous detective is John Mortimer’s courtroom drama, Rumpole of the Bailey. Poirot fascinated audiences with his little grey cells. Rumpole of the Bailey adds intrigue to criminal drama with his passionate defense of the criminal classes. A criminal defense lawyer, Rumpole’s knowledge of the criminal mind thickens the intrigue in this crime drama series. Rumpole’s use of bluff and theatrics in the defense of his clients adds several sub-plots to the intrigue. Intrigue moves quickly and humorously along in this tale of a rascally defense lawyer.
A family-oriented series, Rumpole of the Bailey will not shock its viewers with science fiction plots of murder and indifferent attitudes towards evil. Reality is emphasized in this series, as is Rumpole’s vast understanding of human nature. Rumpole’s knowledge of the criminal mind thickens the intrigue in this crime drama series. Rumpole treats those caught in the criminal court process with compassion. His sympathy for the accused does not alter his search for the truth.  Justice is a theme that is returned to again and again in this series: justice for the accused and justice for the victim.
       The criminal classes respect Rumpole for his incorruptibility and for his efforts to preserve due process. The judges, prosecutors, and police view Rumpole as old-fashioned. The law has become a way for society to trap its citizens, until the third strike puts them in jail forever. Legal information on the third strike rule can be found by contacting a Los Angeles law firm. Justice is rarely a concern. Rumpole realizes the courts no longer advocate for this liberty of man. He uses every means possible to capture the hearts and minds of the jury in his attempt to preserve due process. Rumpole’s use of bluff and theatrics in the defense of his clients adds several sub-plots to the intrigue in this crime drama series. One episode shows Rumpole convincing a jury that the victim stole his own things, instead of the defendant, in a hilarious twist. Another episode reveals Rumpole’s ability to trick his fellow prosecutors into baiting the presiding judge for the defendant’s benefit.
     Throughout his career as a defense lawyer, Rumpole entertains his audience with quotes from Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats, and Shakespeare. Rumpole uses these quotes to link odd human behaviors to crime. Current legal information on crime can be found by contacting a Reno law firm. Whitt and intrigue enliven crime drama in this endearing tale of wizened lawyer and his humorous defense of the criminal classes. Families and crime drama fans will enjoy this British TV. series for many years to come.

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Deceased relative of Infrogmation (talk)

Family photo collection inherited by Infrogmation (talk)

              Tired of unimaginative plots and stale movie lines? Instead of going to the movie theater this holiday season, consider renting a TV. series that enlivens the mind with both strong male and female characters. The TV. series, The House of Eliott, conducts fresh plots and conveys witty lines in this dramatic rendition of a 1920s fashion house. The House of Eliott explores the unknown world of Coterie fashion. The House of Eliott reveals the creation of ready-to-wear clothes. This British TV. series brings fresh appeal to drama TV. through multiple, fast-moving plots and witty dialogue, as it explores the zenith of Coterie fashion.
Two sisters, played by actresses’ Stella Gonet and Louise Lombard, build a Coterie fashion house to support themselves and to stage their unique and bold designs. The Coterie allows the sisters to explore the unknown world of wealthy, influential fashion. It is an unusual fashion design business venture for two unmarried sisters in 1920s England and not well-received by either the fashion icons of the time or family members. The Eliott’s Coterie grows into a well-established British fashion house despite financial struggles and employee intrigue.  Stella Gonet wrote the screen script for the series as a way to challenge her acting abilities and her audience. The behind-the-scenes process of Coterie women’s designs is re-created with flare and historical accuracy. The series answers several poignant questions, including how ready-to-wear clothes originated and the reason for their poor quality, when compared to their sister Coterie designs.
                Most of the populace has no control over designer fashion: the length of skirts, how much blouses reveal, how feminine or un-feminine ready-to-wear outfits are, and the choice of colors and patterns. Designers prepare outfits for the populace, with the hope that the populace will reveal their wishes by purchasing or not purchasing their designs. The House of Eliott explores how the ready-to-wear industry began and the mass appeal that resulted. World War I introduced a new type of worker into the workforce: the female secretary. Female secretaries were smart, independent, and chic. They earned a middle-class living, which brought a new demand to the fashion world: affordable designer clothing and womens designer handbags. Coteries, like the House of Eliott, took their expensive designs and altered them to meet middle-class tastes. The intricate stitch work, flowing material, and expensive fabric of Coterie were replaced with ready-to-wear material, such as cotton. When the altered designs first arrived in department stores, ready-to-wear fashions were unique from one another, resulting in a lasting, mass enthusiasm. The House of Eliott recreates this world with a Coterie boldness and ready-to-wear flare in its own way, making it a Coterie of TV. drama.

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Watching movies and videos is one of, if not the, most popular entertainment options enjoyed by people across the country. In addition, with the disturbing and in fact in light of the economic times, many people are finding new ways to entertain in their own homes. And along with this, many people are turning spare bedrooms, recreation rooms, dens and other miscellaneous rooms into their own private movie studios. An alternative or variation on this is to create an all purpose game and movie room, with a pool table, dart bard and large screen television. Adding in a bar at one end easily allows this to double as a private sports club for those big games. Another possibility, and an increasingly popular one, is to add a video game selection to your offerings.

Meanwhile, making the investment on a large flat screen wall television, and creating the perfect atmosphere for movie watching is will almost always ensure your home as one of the popular hangout places in your group of friends. In fact, it might make you more popular than you ever wanted, and you could end up closing those beautiful Next Day Blinds for reasons other than movie mood lighting. Oh, what a shame that is, it has to be everyone’s worse nightmare, being too popular.

In addition to hosting a movie and/or game night on the weekends, it’s also becoming increasingly popular to have mini film festivals. Couples are scheduling thematic weekend events and while they might supply the videos and comfortable viewing environment, the guests bring something of a potluck snack buffet. Some of the standard, or reliable, topics will include a festival of classics. It’s easy to get all of James Deans’ movies and have a rebel festival. Or, collect a diverse assortment of the classics, maybe include a Dean film like East of Eden and mix it with Casablanca or Gone With the Wind and you’ll have a successful evening. Another great option is to have a night or even a whole weekend of Hitchcock videos. There’s a reason he is recognized as being the master of suspense and if you want to keep your guests captivated, an Alfred Hitchcock festival should do the trick. Regardless of the size of your entertainment room, or the sophistication of your equipment or even taste in films, creating a theme oriented weekend event is a great way to have fun with friends without having to spend a ton of money at a club or theater. In addition, these rooms are a great way of bringing families back together and strengthening bonds. And if you’re looking to adjust the lighting in your entertainment room, Next Day Blinds ads is your answer. There are other quality professionals to assist with various other aspects of your transitioning direction.



National Treasures Revealed on Maps

A map of united states is a fairly common item. Most people encounter one on their classroom walls or in the pages of text book. Many news programs and newspapers will use maps to tell a story and lots of people use maps to plot cross country trips or vacations. But how many people actually study the map — other than memorizing the fifty states or looking at a specific area for navigational purposes?

A good map of the country is going to reveal the natural treasures of the nation. Some will be very obvious, such as the location of the Grand Canyon and the Continental Divide . Others will take a bit more visual hunting. The major mountain ranges, mighty rivers, and expanses of prairies and deserts are depicted on a map. From great lakes to major cities that have historical or political importance, all are depicted on a map of the US.

To get a sense of other treasures hiding throughout the country, people can turn to travel maps . These are likely to include national parks and forests as well as smaller rivers, lakes, and mountains. They may also list things like historic battlefields or other significant sites, national monuments, and local points of interest, such as state capitols and nature preserves.



Extreme Couponing and Home Decor

So far the 21st century seems to be about extremes. There are extreme sports, extreme makeovers and, now, extreme couponing . Websites and books are devoted to giving shoppers tips on saving hundreds of dollars every time they head to the supermarket. Some extreme couponers end up with the store paying them money because their coupons exceed the cost of the items being bought.

Believe it or not, it is possible to apply those skills to home design. After being inspired by home interior magazines and websites, some homeowners have realized that they can also find a coupon for flooring or a Blinds coupon to get custom window blinds.

Most people will realize that they can use store coupons and manufacture rebates to buy furniture and accessories from big box department stores. Art and craft stores are a good place for accessories and materials for DIY projects. Carefully combining coupons and sale days can result in significant savings on these items. But extreme couponers won’t stop there. They will scour the web looking for next day blinds coupons that cover installation as well as the blinds themselves. They will find discount codes to be used for ceiling fans and mirrors, throw rugs and wall hangings. They trust that anything that can be bought can be bought for less with a coupon. They just have to look hard enough and they will find it.

A major rite of passage in modern society is moving out on your own . The first time you leave your parents or your dorm you are forced to make choices and accept responsibilities for your living environment. It’s a huge step and there are many different options available for a first home.

More and more people are turning to companies like TransGlobe property management to help them with this process. Property management companies will handle a variety of units throughout a given city or region. They will be able to help you understand what rental property is best for your needs and your budget. You can think of them as real estate agents for renters. They want to get their units filled, but they also want to ensure that they have happy tenants who will take care of the property and stick around for awhile.

Most first time renters are going to be looking for an apartment, but even apartments come in lots of different shapes and types. The list of TransGlobe properties is going to include everything from furnished studio apartments to luxury condos with full master suites, incredible views, and lots of amenities. Apartments may be part of a large complex, a small neighborhood four- or eight-plex, or they can be in a converted home. In the latter case you may be living next to your landlord. Rental properties also include guest houses, townhouses, duplexes, and single-family homes.



Summer Holiday Parties

With summer just around the corner many people are starting to plan their social calendar. There will be vacations and impromptu backyard barbecues, but there will also be annual parties and holiday gatherings that families and friends look forward to each year. Below are a few ideas for ways to celebrate the summer holidays.

Memorial Day — Considered to be the unofficial start of summer, this holiday is usually celebrated with barbecues, trips to lakes and rivers, and all sorts of outdoor recreation. However, it is also a time to remember the sacrifices of veterans and families would do well to plan to attend their local parade or honoring the veterans in their family by visiting their graves.

Flag Day — This is a mostly overlooked holiday that can be celebrated simply enough by remembering to fly an American Flag on June 14th. Those who want to be a bit more patriotic can host a small dinner party or picnic complete with red, white, and blue decorations and food. Think of is a precursor to July 4th.

Summer Solstice — This is the official first day of summer and is the longest day of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere). It can be marked with outdoor parties that take advantage of the summer weather and celebrate the extended daylight.

Independence Day — Everyone has their favorite way to celebrate the 4th of July. They may have a simple picnic or barbecue or spend the day at a city or county celebration. There are bound to be parades and fireworks as well as other events. More inspired individuals may even arrange for a costume rental to dress up like George Washington, Uncle Sam, or Betsy Ross.

Labor Day — The unofficial end of summer is the perfect time for an outdoor event. In some places there are fairs or festivals that take advantage of the long weekend while many people take advantage of this final chance of the season to go camping, fishing, or for holding large family picnics.

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